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The Up-Welling solution in a few words:

2 Billion

people in the world does not have access to clean drinking water

844 Million

people does not benifit from adequate clean drinking water

300 Million

people suffer yearly from polluted water (UN)

15000 People

of which 6000 children die each day from water related illness

Our main focus is :

Economic development for underdeveloped countries

Treating polluted surface water

Containerized water treatment facilities

Who we are!

The founding team

About three years ago while having a passionate discussion about the water shortages in the Cape region of South Africa, the Up-welling project took form.

The founding members Armand Wan-Hoi, Pierre Bignon and Anton BOUWER whom all are passionate about innovation had only one objective, bringing this idea to life.

This project after all answers one of the biggest problems in the world: giving people access to safe drinking water where mainly only polluted surface water is available.

Our first step was to create the first prototype of the electricity-free pump. This was quite the task since no gravity-defying autonomous water elevating device has ever existed before

with the exception of the ram pump by the Montgolfier brothers!

However, our patented pumping solution outperforms that of our esteemed collegues.

In 2019 we have had successful trials for wastewater treatment with “La Créole”, a local water treatment and distribution agency on Reunion Island

Today in 2020, we are meeting with Leaders and NGOs for the Indian ocean and east Africa who are confronted with daily problems of water-based illness.

Our role: Accompany and implant our technology to permit the distribution of clean drinking water for the people.


Presenting the solution

The Up-Welling pump uses the energy created from a water head ie. a water catchment in a potentially polluted river with the pump being installed further down.

An automated system ensures the alternative flow of the water from the water head onto the main driving piston. This then in turn applies a mechanical force on the pressure multiplier pumping pistons.

This multiplied pressure generated by the sole use of water, is then directed towards an ultra or nano membrane filter station

The primary water is completely safe for drinking without the added cost of electricity for the end-user.

In this day and age where climate change causes more and more droughts, which in turn causes population migration and political unrest, the timing for our technology can not be better.

There are surely hundreds of thousands of villages and towns all over the world that may benefit from the Up-Welling technology.

How ?

Installation example

This is an example of how the Up-Welling pumping solution can help an underdeveloped village.

Major benifits

3 major benefits of the up-welling pumping solution

Polluted water treatment

Water is an essential part of life, treating it and making it perfectly safe is our first engagement.

Renewable energy

The energy we use comes directly from the water itself. This fits perfectly in with the political and ecological transition

Financially accessible

Our solution does not require an additional source making the running costs very attractive for developing nations.

11 avenue Paul Julius BÉNARD, Plateau Caillou
97460, Saint-Paul, Réunion

Email: contact@up-welling.com
France, Réunion:+262 (0)692 234 444
International:+262 (0)692 273 440
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